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Boeing: China airplane market’s development will be the fastest over the next 20 years Print  

China will need 3710 new airplanes over the next 20 years, which will cost US$390 billion, and will develop faster than any other in the world,   said the Boeing Company in its 2008 Current Market Outlook on China, released on October 29.

     The vice president of sales and marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplane Group said,  the growth of China’s air travel market and air freight market will be able to raise  the amount and range of airplanes more than 3 times,  and by the year of 2027, China’s air market will reach to 4560 airplanes – what is equal to the amount of airplanes in Europe nowadays.  China’s airplane needs occupies 41% on the whole Asian-pacific region air market, and soon will be the largest outside the United States.

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7/31/2014 China Southern launches a new Wuhan-Moscow direct flight

China Southern launches a new Wuhan-Moscow direct flight China Southern Airlines (CZ)has launched a new Wuhan - Moscow 3 days weekly service since 30 Jul,2014. The new route will be operated by wide-bodied Airbus A330-200. The flight starts from Guangzhou airport on Wed,Fri and Sun with a stopover at Wuhan (Central China Hubei province capital city)then directly following to Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. .

12/12/2013 «ТРАНСРОССИЯ-2014»

Группа компаний АТС приглашает Вас в очередной раз на крупнейшую логистическую выставку в России, странах СНГ и Балтии «ТРАНСРОССИЯ-12014».

5/10/2013 Группа компаний АТС на выставке Трансроссия 2013

Предлагаем вашему вниманию небольшой фотоотчет.

6/18/2012 CHINA TRANSPORT LOGISTICS 2012. Фотоотчет

Представляем вашему вниманию небольшой фотоотчет с недавно проходившей в Шанхае выставки CHINA TRANSPORT LOGISTICS 2012

5/8/2012 Трансроссия 2012

Группа компаний АТС на выставке Трансроссия 2012. Фотоотчет.