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History of ATC

In 1992 amid China announcing the policy of tourist openness, tourist relations between China and Russia have started to develop, trade turnover between the countries increased. In the same year ATC founders have arranged first cargo-passenger charter flights from Tianjin and Harbin to Moscow usingv Tu-154, IL-62, and IL-86 aircrafts.

The official start of ATC operation was in 1999 when the first office of the company in Beijing was opened. With the development of business, representative offices of ATC in Shanghai (2000) and Guangzhou (2003) were opened. Cargo air freight from China to Russia and ticket sales were chosen as the main focus areas of operation.

In 2000 ATC broadens its presence in the region by opening a branch office in Hong Kong. ATC Air Service Limited deals with the air tickets sales and organization of cargo freight to Russian, European and American destinations.

In 2001 the company Sovtransexport was founded. After the Moscow office, the representation offices in Saint-Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Archangelsk and Kaliningrad were opened. Being an integral part of ATC, Sovtransexport deals with domestic russian cargo freight, organizes cargo delivery to the remote areas of Russian North by means of sea and river transportation.

2001 was also the year to open a representative office of ATC in Nuremberg, Germany – Trans Sib ATC Air Service GmbH. In 2002 a branch office in the airport Frankfurt Hahn was established. The company develops road freight and buys its first three cargo trucks.

In 2005 ATC branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou consolidated into a united company Qiantong International Freight and Forwarding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd – a solid Chinese company with 100 % of foreign capital. It enabled the group to step forward and become a rightful participant of Chinese market of cargo air freight.

The next decade ATC developed customer database, increased the market volume, perfected its products and continually worked on the service quality. Besides tedious and diligent work on each and every shipment, ATC group incorporated modern IT-solutions, together with other participants pioneered crossborder e-commerce logistics on the China-Russia trade lane.

In 2016 a representative office of ATC was opened in Bangkok.

In 2018 the branch network was further increased. The branch offices in Incheon, South Korea and in Tokyo, Japan were opened.

Nowadays looking back, we understand that we have come a long way. We are optimistically looking into the future and know that it is only the start of a big and interesting journey for us and we welcome you to make this journey together!

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