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Air Freight from China

Air freight is suitable for moving goods over long distances in short periods of time. Air transport is in constant demand given intense trade between China and other countries, including Russia.


Air freight is performed both by regular and charter flights. Express charter service is used for project cargoes when a fast delivery of large batches is needed. Air freight from China has become particularly important during the online retail and cross-border e-commerce upswing. China’s largest trading platforms offer a wide range of high-quality consumer goods at favorable prices that are in constant demand all over the world.

Air freight from ChinaHighly qualified and trained experts and well-organized processes ensure a high level of service, including a constant availability of airlines capacities, a stable and predictable service when using high intensity routes, temporary and long-term storage facilities, terminal processing, certification, packing and customs clearance services, and a vast experience in cargoes consolidation. ATC Group can offer all of this to its customers.


Delivery features

Air freight from China has its advantages that cannot be overestimated given an increasing intensity of business relations and sales turnover:

  • the shortest delivery time;
  • safety;
  • online cargo tracking capability;
  • prompt customs clearance.

When choosing air freight from China, its special features should be considered:

  • an objective cost of service given the speed of delivery;
  • meteorological dependence;
  • a prominent shipments seasonality.

Types of cargoes

Air freight from China is a convenient way to transport most of the goods, including:

  • medicines and other pharmaceutical products;
  • high-tech equipment and components;
  • new electronics, trial batches;
  • mail pieces;
  • valuable and perishable cargoes.
    The most urgent cargoes can be delivered from the seller to their recipient within 24 hours.


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