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Express Cargo Delivery from China

Express cargo delivery from China

Express delivery from China is a way of transportation ensuring goods carriage in the shortest possible time. The cargo is usually transported by air and can be delivered to any part of the world.

A fast delivery from China is suitable for shipping goods samples, trial batches, parts and components, valuable cargoes, documents, computer equipment, new electronics with a rapidly decreasing price, and advertising products.

An increased service level and shorter delivery time automatically result in a higher freight cost.

The cost of delivery is determined by urgency, distance, shipment parameters and the need for associated services.

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Prices and time of express delivery from China

Express delivery Minimum weight Delivery time Delivery price
1 kg from 1 day from 25 USD/KG

Fast delivery scheme

A sample transportation scheme is as follows:

An express cargo delivery from China starts with choosing the shortest and the quickest route. The type of transport and the shipment method are determined based on goods and route individual characteristics.

An express cargo delivery from China follows several schemes ensuring a flexible pricing:

  • by regular daily flights;
  • by charter flights allowing to ship large volumes of cargo in a very short time.

Company representatives collect the goods themselves from the consignor, pack and mark them properly where relevant.

If a fast cargo delivery is needed from China to Russia, but the flight cannot be arranged directly to the client’s warehouse, a multimodal scheme is involved. In this case, the further consignment transportation is performed by truck. It is the best solution for this type of transport for the following reasons:

  • delivery directly to the customer’s warehouse;
  • route optimization in case of congestions, traffic jams, emergency situations;
  • a flexible travel schedule as opposed to carriage by rail. Multiple drivers may be involved to avoid delays where relevant.

Our advantages

  • ATC Group has been operating in the logistics market for two decades already and has a vast experience in realizing the most complex logistic schemes, including express cargo delivery from China.
  • Each shipment is prepared individually with the development of an optimal current solution. We have turnkey solutions for popular directions and in this case the delivery is carried out in record time without any interruptions.
  • We offer flexible terms of payment to our clients. Customs clearance is performed by professional brokers and declarants of the company.
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