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Customs Clearance of Cargoes from China

Customs clearance of cargoes from ChinaNowadays, trading relations between China and Russia are highly developed. Deliveries of consumer goods, household appliances, agricultural products, machinery and equipment for engineering and metallurgical industries, including consolidated cargoes, are performed from the PRC on a daily basis. Each shipment should be accompanied by a set of documents for a successful border crossing.

Major customs clearance steps for goods from China

There are several types of customs clearance:

  1. A simplified scheme is applied for individuals transporting small quantities of goods for personal use.
  2. A general scheme is applied for individuals transporting across the border large batches of goods for sale.

Customs clearance may take place at the border or at the final destination.

Customs clearance of goods from China can be performed without any aid or with the help of professionals. The second option is preferable and beneficial to entrepreneurs, as it will save time and money for legal services. In order to get a full set of documents and fill them out correctly, you have to understand all the last details that are unknown to a person with no specialized education.

ATC Group performs delivery and customs clearance of cargoes from China. Our experts provide professional assistance in customs clearance of goods from China at an affordable price and take care of the necessary set of documents. Cargo monitoring at any stage of transportation is the advantage of contacting our company.

When goods are delivered to the border, customs officers check the set of documents and the conformity of goods with submitted declarations, certificates, packing lists, etc.

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The list of documents to be presented at the Customs office

Documents required for delivery and customs clearance of cargoes from China are as follows:

  • International sales contract in English, Chinese and Russian;
  • Incorporation documents of all the legal entities involved in the transaction;
  • Freight declaration;
  • Freight certificate;
  • Consignment notes;
  • Invoices;
  • Acceptance acts;
  • Certificates of quality and licenses;
  • Transport documents.

All taxes and duties should be paid for the goods to cross the border.

Our advantages

ATC experts will promptly prepare all documents and escort your cargo to the final destination. We operate as follows:

  • Draw up an international trade contract;
  • Obtain export and import permits;
  • Draw up certificates, and customs and sanitary control statements;
  • Draw up a declaration;
  • Make all the necessary payments;
  • Pay excise duties and taxes;
  • Escort the cargo to the final point of discharge.

In addition, we are ready to provide any possible assistance in the search for the seller of goods with necessary characteristics taking care of their packaging and labelling, choosing the fastest and most cost-effective route, and arranging warehousing and handling activities at any stage.

Freight and customs clearance charges for cargoes from China

The amount of customs duty depends on the type of cargo. Most goods imported from China are charged 20 per cent of their value. The entrepreneur is also obliged to pay the VAT (20% of goods and their customs clearance value). In some cases, a 0.5% customs duty is to be paid.

Transportation and customs clearance of goods from China will be more expensive for those involved in cars delivery, as an additional excise duty is imposed on cars imported. Please, contact our company expert for the final cost calculation.

Goods customs clearance time

All duties should be paid within 15 days after filing a declaration. If the payment is not made within the specified term, a fine will be imposed. Customs clearance of cargo from China takes three days where all conditions are met:

  • The declaration is drawn up correctly;
  • The set of documents is collected and compiled correctly;
  • Taxes and duties are paid.

If a document is found missing during the cargo inspection, or any customs issues arise, the customs clearance process may take up to 10 days.

Cargo delivery from China with customs clearance services is available for order on our website. Contact our expert using the feedback form.

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