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Multimodal Transportation from China

Economic relations between Russia and Eastern countries are developing actively today. Multimodal transportation from China is a convenient and economical option for moving goods using different means of transport. The Greater China is a manufacturer of technically sophisticated devices, electrics, electronics, auto accessories and spare parts. Seafood and fish supply is also well-developed.

Flawless trading requires an effective route planning, appropriate customs documents execution, goods certification, warehousing Multimodal transportation from Chinaand much more. АТС Group provides a full range of services for transportation of any goods from China and Russia.

What is multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation from China is a mixed type of moving cargoes using several modes of transport – air, railway, maritime, motor. Freight is performed under a single document. The goods should be packaged and marked properly in accordance with international transport legal regulations. In general, a vehicle is used to deliver a package or a large container to a port, airport, railway station or the final destination.

ATC Group is in full control of the entire cargo transportation process. Clients can trace the package at any time. Experts plan the most effective route to ensure a timely goods delivery. The demand for multimodal transportation from China is driven by the distance between the countries. One mode of transport is insufficient. The cheapest way of goods transportation is by sea and then by land.

Ordering multimodal transportation from China

To order multimodal transportation, please, file a request on ATC Group website. Our experts will choose the shortest route and the most profitable type of delivery by the right date. We offer you the following services:

  • Express delivery;
  • Air freight;
  • Land transportation;
  • Customs documents execution;
  • Certification;
  • Cargo marking;
  • Warehousing.

To contact our manager, please, order a call back or call the phone number on the website.

Prices for multimodal transportation by sea+railway

  FOB Shanghai

Vladivostok Moscow Novosibirsk Yekaterinburg Kazan
< 5 CBM 170 USD/CBM 235 USD/CBM 225 USD/CBM 230 USD/CBM 235 USD/CBM
5-15 CBM 165 USD/CBM 225 USD/CBM 215 USD/CBM 220 USD/CBM 225 USD/CBM
> 15 CBM 160 USD/CBM 215 USD/CBM 205 USD/CBM 210 USD/CBM 215 USD/CBM

Shanghai——Moscow — 28 days, Shanghai——Yekaterinburg — 26 days

Prices for multimodal transportation by sea+air

Cargo density <1:300 kg/cbm:

Route Flight +100 +300 +500 +1000
PVG-VVO-SVO Direct 3,60 3,35 3,15 2,90
PVG-VVO-LED via SVO 4,10 3,85 3,65 3,40
PVG-VVO-SVX via SVO 4,30 4,05 3,85 3,60
PVG-VVO-UFA via SVO 4,30 4,05 3,85 3,60
PVG-VVO-OVB via KHV 3,40 3,15 2,95 2,70
PVG-VVO-KJA via KHV 3,25 3,00 2,80 2,55

Cargo density >1:300 kg/cbm:

Route Flight +100 +300 +500 +1000
PVG-VVO-SVO Direct 3,35 3,10 2,90 2,65
PVG-VVO-LED via SVO 3,85 3,60 3,40 3,15
PVG-VVO-SVX via SVO 4,05 3,80 3,60 3,35
PVG-VVO-UFA via SVO 4,05 3,80 3,60 3,35
PVG-VVO-OVB via KHV 3,15 2,90 2,70 2,45
PVG-VVO-KJA via KHV 3,00 2,75 2,55 2,30

Approximate transit time Shanghai – Moscow – 20-25 days;
One cargo item weight in OVB/KJA — up to 80 kg;
Fares to other Russian airports are available on request.

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