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Air Freight from Japan

Japan is one of the most economically developed countries in the world. No surprise that Japanese products are in great demand. Due to an island position of the country goods can be exported and imported only by sea and air as part of multimodal transportation schemes.

There are a couple of dozen major international airports in the country. Tokyo Narita airport ranks the third in the world in terms of cargo turnover. The fastest air freight type is express delivery by the nearest regular flight to the point of destination. This option is used for vital, highly valuable, and perishable goods. Airfreight from JapanExpress air freight from Japan can be performed in 1–2 days, including customs clearance.

Air freight by charter flights from Japan take longer due to erratic schedules, while regular flights are strictly scheduled.

It is beneficial to ship small batches of goods as part of a consolidated cargo. Goods from several consignors are consolidated in a warehouse, and then transported by a passing flight to a warehouse in Europe or major Russian cities. Following the necessary customs clearance procedure the goods can be delivered to the recipient. This type of transportation can take up to 15–18 days.

A multimodal transportation scheme involving ocean, land and air freight in local traffic is the most cost-effective type of air freight from Japan. The choice of a logistic scheme is always based on the nature of a product, delivery conditions and financial capacity of the customer.

Air freight advantages

At present, air freight from Japan is the most sought-after and competitive type of delivery due to the following advantages:

  • high speed; express delivery takes 1–2 days;
  • safety – accidents in the air are as rare as on the railway, which is considered the safest mode of transport;
  • cargo reliability and security – the probability of theft during air transportation is very low due to modern safety systems.

In addition, highly developed tracking services help to determine the shipment location.

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