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Air Freight from Korea

Despite its land border with the mainland, South Korea occupies an island position in view of the acute political situation in the region. Goods are transported by sea and air, with sea freight accounting for the major volume.

Air freight from Korea can be performed in express mode. Air freight from Korea ensures safety, confidentiality, and security. Cost of such transportation consists of several values:

  • freight cost;
  • documents execution fee;
  • fuel surcharge;
  • cargo compartment reservation fee;
  • safety fee.

The cost of ground handling operations – loading/unloading, customs clearance, use of temporary storage warehouse and delivery to the final recipient should be added to this.

Air freight from Korea stipulates special packing and labelling requirements for all goods to be transported. There are special regulations for dangerous, valuable and perishable cargoes. The requirements are based on IATA standards.

Delivery time

Direct air freight from Korea involves transportation by direct flights. This is the most expensive, but also the fastest way of moving cargoes. It is used Air freight from Koreato transport items of high value or vital necessity – medicines, important documents, spare parts and accessories, etc. Express delivery is also used to gain a competitive advantage in the market of new electronics or other high demand goods. It means, in any case when the benefit of a fast delivery covers all transportation and logistics costs. Usually this transportation is performed within 5 days, including customs clearance procedures.

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