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Cargo Delivery from Vietnam and Thailand

Economic relations between Russia and Vietnam have been demonstrating a positive trend. Trade volumes between Russia and Asian countries in the Asian Pacific region increase by 15-20% each year. Vietnam economy grows faster than that of China, and this small country could seriously compete with the PRC in the nearest future. What is the reason for that?
The communist regime and administrative system created ideal conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Due to Vietnam warm climate and location there is no need for major financial investments in fundamental facilities with complex heating systems. Therefore, the government can save financial resources and spend them for economic development. Asian population is highly disciplined at work, and the work force is cheap. All these factors contribute to a rapid GDP growth in Vietnam.

What cargoes are delivered from Vietnam? The following goods are delivered to Russia on a regular basis:Air freight

  • engineering products;
  • plant equipment;
  • household appliances;
  • essential commodities;
  • household products;
  • food stuffs;
  • clothing and footwear;
  • textiles and interior products.

ATC Group delivers cargoes not only from Vietnam, but also from Thailand, which is strategically important in present-day realities.
Flight connection between Russia and Thailand is temporarily unavailable due to the spread of coronavirus infection and imposed restrictions. This situation took a great toll on economic relations between the two countries, as the main flow of fruit to Russia was arranged from Thailand.
We have developed a new route in response to the growing demand for a rapid delivery from Thailand. Our company operates daily flights from Hong Kong to Moscow. We deliver mail, medicines and perishables by air.
Now two flights from China on Tuesdays and Saturdays are routed through Bangkok. The lower deck is loaded in Thailand and the flight departures to Sheremetyevo.
Cargo delivery from Vietnam and Thailand with ATC experts is safe, fast and reliable. Our experts will choose an optimal route and suppliers, and will ensure cargo safety along the whole route.

Types of cargo shipping from Vietnam

ATC Group offers various logistic schemes. Delivery from Vietnam is performed as follows:

  • air freight (including connecting flights);
  • sea freight in containers;
  • multimodal transportation.

Air freight to Vietnam is considered to be the fastest shipping method. Cargo aircrafts can seamlessly land and take off from well-equipped airfields.
The following categories are regularly shipped by air:

  • foodstuffs;
  • flowers and animals;
  • organs for transplantation;
  • medicines;
  • valuable goods;
  • art pieces;
  • leather goods, etc.

Sea freight from Vietnam to Russia ensures significant savings. This type of cargo shipping is cheaper than by air. Transportation is performed in 20- and 40-foot containers. Vessels call at ports of Novorossiysk, Saint Petersburg and Nakhodka. Goods are further transported from these cities across Russia.

Multimodal transportation involves several modes of transport and reduces delivery time. Containers can be delivered by sea to the ports of neighboring countries (Riga, Tallinn, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg). From there the cargo is transported by land or rail to the final destination.

Routes, cost and price of delivery from Vietnam to Russia

Today, delivery from Vietnam to Moscow is performed on a regular basis according to the schedule. This allows producers and buyers to build long-term economic relations and plan sales without any quality loss and supply disruption risks. Vietnam borders on China, Laos and Cambodia. Crossing these borders is performed in a simplified way. ATC experts will take care of customs documentation, quality certificates execution, labelling, packaging and shipping of goods.

Goods are delivered from Vietnam to Russia through the ports of Ho Chi Minh and Haiphong. The cargo follows to Vladivostok, and then to the final destination by land or air.

The cost of goods transportation depends on many factors:

  • cargo volume, weight and category;
  • logistic scheme;
  • goods shipment point;
  • final destination;
  • the need for insurance;
  • number of borders crossed;
  • the need for temporary warehousing;
  • transport used;
  • delivery time.

You can calculate an estimated freight cost on ATC website using an online calculator. The final cost will be announced by our expert after discussing all the details.

Advantages of goods transportation from Vietnam to Russia with ATC Group

By contacting our company you will save time on execution of documents. You do not need to search for a lawyer to handle customs clearance procedures. There is also no need to look for movers and rent warehouses. Cargo delivery from Vietnam to Russia is performed on a turnkey basis. The service package includes the following:

  • searching for a supplier and making a sales contract;
  • choosing an optimal route;
  • choosing means of transport;
  • freight forwarding;
  • customs documents execution;
  • product certification;
  • insurance;
  • handling operations;
  • cargo consolidation;
  • door-to-door delivery from Vietnam to Russia.

For detailed information on flights and service cost, please file an application on ATC Group website. Our expert will contact you at a convenient time to find a suitable freight route at an affordable price.

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