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Cargo Delivery from Hong Kong

If you have decided to deliver goods from Hong Kong, it should be noted that this PRC administrative region has a separate customs territory. This results in a simplified customs clearance and a possibility to ship larger groups of cargoes compared to mainland China territory. What is more, the supplier is able to file a customs declaration two weeks following the shipment.

Delivery from Hong Kong to Russia is very popular due to the beneficial geographical position of the two countries, China’s great economic potential, attractive business conditions, Cargo delivery from Hong Kongand a huge variety of goods at an affordable price.

Hong Kong is the leading seafood and fish supplier. Perishable foodstuffs can be quickly transported by air. Ocean freight is the best option for oversized, large-tonnage cargoes delivery. Cargo delivery from the airport, railway station or port to the place of shipment and destination is performed by motor transport.

ATC group specializes in exporting different categories of goods. Goods delivery to Russia is organized by qualified personnel. We cooperate with large holdings, entrepreneurs and individuals. Our experts provide prompt and high quality services in the sphere of documents execution, labelling, import/export, transit, and customs clearance.

The cost and time of delivery from Hong Kong

The cost of international freight depends on the distance between the destination and the place of departure, the type of cargo, its weight and dimensions, and the mode of transport.

Maritime transportation from Hong Kong to Russia is considered the cheapest one. The transportation time is up to 55 days. Small batches are shipped as part of consolidated cargoes. Railway transportation is twice faster than the previous mode, and is used for the delivery of goods to the eastern part of Russia. Airlines are used for emergency deliveries – air freight takes 1-5 days.

Customs clearance of cargoes from Hong Kong and other services

For the goods not to be detained at the border, a full package of documents should be prepared and the fees paid on time. Our experts will take care of this by providing legal support.

Most frequently delivered goods

Chinese-made domestic goods, foodstuffs, electronics, clothing and digital equipment are in greatest demand in Russia.

A prompt delivery of goods from Hong Kong is an important condition for a successful and profitable business. Apply online and our specialist will calculate the exact cost within a few minutes.

Our advantages

Cargo delivery from Hong Kong is performed promptly thanks to a well-established documents execution scheme, as well as proper labelling and packing of goods. ATC experts provide the following services:

  • air freight;
  • sea freight;
  • railway transportation;
  • warehousing services;
  • forwarding support;
  • preparing a full set of documents;
  • legal processing of commercial transactions;
  • cargoes certification.

Delivery is performed by various means of transport. We can offer multimodal transportation options involving several means of transport, where necessary.

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