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First Container Train fully Loaded with Aliexpress Parcels Departed from Zhengzhou to Liege

March 2, the first container train fully loaded by the crossborder shipments from Aliexpress platform has departed Zhengzhou. The order of the blocktrain was done by Cainiao – Alibaba owned logistic operator. The train, named as ‘Cainiao special’ train, will depart twice per week from Zhengzhou to Liege, Belgium. This is the first regular container train, that was declared for export according to so called 9610 customs procedure that presumes declaring crossborder shipments by a single file manifest. By sending the parcels from China to Europe by a regular train, Cainiao includes this route into the portfolio of moneysaving delivery options, at the same time solving the problems that the online-shops are dealing with ,when sending the parcels by a regular mail – non-controlled duration of delivery, loss of the shipments, trace and tracking problems. Cainiao has calculated this route to be 30% faster and 30 % cheaper on average than the other economy logistics products. Moreover, rail transportation allows to ship bulky parcels and the items forbidden for air transportation. Zhao Jian, the director of Cainiao international division says: European market is of high importance for us. This train will help to connect small and medium retailers with the buyers all over the Europe, providing with the quality service on shipping the orders. In addition to the regular train, we will develop the schemes and routes of delivery the parcels in Europe. Earlier in December 2018 Cainiao has announced the creation of modern logistic center eHub in Liege in which fully electronic registration will be used. More than 10 suppliers will truck the parcels from this center over to 28 countries of Europe.
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