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14 Flights per Week — АТС Flight Schedule for September


There has been established a regular ATC freight flight schedule for September. It is planned to perform 11 flights a week from Hong Kong to Moscow, while 9 flights will be directed to Moscow and 2 – to Novosibirsk. Of these, 6 flights are operated by iFly, 3  by Aviastar-TU and 2 by Atran airlines. The capacities are intended for the export of mail and commercial cargoes.

Commentary by the General Director of ATC China Alexey Maltsev:

The flights from Hong Koing will be loaded mainly with mail and express shipments. We traditionally observe a growth in September — online sales increase after summer holidays period. We adapt the schedule to 11 flights in order to ensure the export of increased volumes. The schedule allows us to export a total weekly volume of cargoes and mail in the amount of more than 2,000 cubic meters.

In addition, 3 flights per week will be operated from Zhengzhou, 2 by Aviastar-Tu and one by Atran.

Commentary by the Director of Operations of АТС China Pavel Avramenko:

We traditionally transport mainly commercial cargoes on flights from mainland China. Recently, we have been observing an increase in demand for air transportation. It is associated with complexities on maritime and railway transportation markets, especially maritime transportation, which has seen a significant increase in the delivery time by sea this year. Numerous cargo owners are on delivery deadlines and turn to air transport. The aviation is characterized by mobility and flexibility, and thanks to our partners, Aviastar-Tu and Atran, we are able to quickly adapt to the market.

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