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ATC and iFly Start a Regular Hong Kong-Sheremetyevo Freight Flights Program


The first iFly Hong Kong-Sheremetyevo flight was performed on July 11. The plane was fully loaded with mail and cargoes and took off from Hong Kong airport at 11:33 local time. This is the first flight in an extensive flights program, and the new carrier is to support ATC daily freight flights schedule from Hong Kong.

The iFly A330-200 aircraft is completely refitted for cargo transportation. The lower deck holds 8 PMC pallets, 2 AKE containers and a bulk compartment. Passenger seats in the upper deck are removed, and the compartment is fitted with fasteners for PMC pallets. The compartment can hold 24 PMC pallets in total. The total payload is 45 tons and 200 cubic meters.

Commentary by the General Director of ATC China Alexey Maltsev:

Our task in July was to maintain a daily schedule from Hong Kong to ensure a regular shipment of mail and cargoes. We have started a flights program with iFly, in addition to our key partner – Aviastar-TU. Thus, 3 weekly flights in our schedule from Hong Kong to Sheremetyevo will be performed by Aviastar, and 4 flights – by iFly. This is just the beginning, and we will increase flights frequency, where necessary. This is the first time we cooperate with iFly, and our partners demonstrate a professional approach and strive to develop new directions.  The aircraft is attractive, as it allows to use capacities to the fullest. The plane can hold 2000 bags with mail and express shipments.

Commentary by the Deputy Commercial Director of iFly Andrei Filippov:

We are pleased to cooperate with ATC, as it is the biggest player in the transport market from China and Hong Kong to Russia. Hong Kong is the largest Asian freight hub, and a new direction for our company. The scheduled frequency of 4 flights per week will allow us to effectively combine Hong Kong with other directions in China and to use our aircraft to the fullest. This is exactly what we need in the face of the pandemic until the full recovery of the demand for tourist traffic.



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