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ATC April Charter Program


ATC continues to perform its regular charter program in April. For several months in a row now, ATC has been performing daily flights on the following routes: Hong Kong-Sheremetyevo, Hong Kong-Vnukovo and Hong Kong-Riga. Commentary by the General Director of ATC China Alexey Maltsev:

We have drawn up an April flights schedule based on existing demand for capacities. Originally, 47 flights were scheduled for April, but we plan to perform at least one additional flight at week 15. The April schedule looks as follows: on Mondays and Fridays we perform Hong Kong-Saigon-Sheremetyevo flights, on Tuesdays and Saturdays – Hong Kong-Bangkok-Sheremetyevo flights, on Thursdays – Hong Kong-Sheremetyevo direct flight, on Wednesdays and Sundays – Hong Kong-Vnukovo flights. Daily flights to Moscow make it possible to ensure the fastest possible delivery of mail and cargoes, and a reliable service twice a week from Saigon and Bangkok is in demand on the local market. There have been no cancellations on these destinations since December.

What are other flights destinations apart from Moscow?

In addition to Moscow, we operate Hong Kong-Riga flights twice a week. These flights are mainly loaded with mail and express cargoes following to the Baltics, Belarus and Ukraine.

Which airlines’ planes are flights operated with?

We work in partnership with Royal Flight and «Rossiya» carriers. Their passenger В777-300 aircrafts are refitted for cargo transportation and demonstrate maximum efficiency on our routes. In addition, we cooperate with Aviastar-TU freight carrier.



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