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ATC Flight Schedule for February


ATC restarts flights from Hong Kong on February 8 and from Zhengzhou on February 12 following the first festive week in February. The flight schedule is explained in more detail by the General Director of ATC China Alexey Maltsev:

During the first week of February we have performed 4 flights from Hong Kong and 3 flights from Zhengzhou to Sheremetyevo. We used these capacities to complete the January bookings – there is a traditional market rush before the Chinese New Year. Following the holidays we will start to perform flights from Hong Kong on February 8. The 6th week schedule includes 12 flights – 6 to Sheremetyevo, 3 to Vnukovo and 3 to Riga. We will perform 15 weekly flights starting from the 7th week. The carrier pool remains unchanged – the core 6 flights for us are operated by iFly and the rest are shared between Royal Flight and Rossiya airlines.

We will start the cargo program from Zhengzhou on February 12. There are 10 flights planned for February. This is not that much compared to previous months, but the schedule is reduced, as usually the consignors are only getting involved into their work in February.

This year our main priority is a stable schedule that will allow our customers to export cargoes regularly and without delays. The 2020-2021 progress should allow us to ensure the consistency and sufficient capacities.

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