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ATC Flight Schedule for August


ATC Group has scheduled flights from China and Hong Kong for August. Commentary by the General Director of ATC China Alexey Maltsev:

This is the second year in a row that we have met the daily flight schedule from Hong Kong to Moscow. A well-coordinated work of all the units responsible for the organization of flights, cargo handling and sales allows us to keep up the pace. Moreover, we are going to perform 9 flights a week from Hong Kong in August. As of next week we will operate 6 flights with iFly and 3 flights with Aviastar-TU airlines. All flights will be performed to Sheremetyevo. These capacities will be sufficient to transport mail and cargoes.

Air freight has been the most stable segment compared to rail and maritime transport lately. Sea freight fares are breaking the record and we see that many cargo owners choose air fright instead of maritime transportation. This keeps demand high.

Commentary on capacities from mainland China by the Director of Operations of АТС China Pavel Avramenko:

We continue to perform flights from Zhengzhou in August. Our schedule includes one flight per week CGO-SVO, which is operated for by Aviastar-TU airline. We also offer our clients capacities on Airbridgecargo regular cargo service from Shanghai twice a week. In this case we can accept for shipment any category of goods, including large, dangerous ones etc.



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