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ATC Flight Schedule for November


ATC provides its customers with additional capacities in preparation for the peak of the air freight season. For example, in November АТС Group plans to perform 91 flights from China and Hong Kong to Moscow hub airports.

Commentary by the General Director of ATC China Alexey Maltsev:

This is the second year in a row that АТС branch, which transports mail and express shipments, has been holding to the daily schedule from Hong Kong with two daily flights during the high season. Thus, whereas in October we performed an average of 10 flights per week, for the first two weeks of November we have scheduled (and had already performed in the first week) 13 weekly flights, and in the third and fourth weeks there will be performed 15 weekly flights. In the second half of November, capacities will be put under pressure due to the additional volume of parcels following the traditional Chinese sale on November 11. Passenger aircraft refitted for cargo transportation are required in the face of severe shortage of cargo capacities in the world air freight market. For example, out of 79 flights that ATC will operate in November from Hong Kong, only 17 will be performed by cargo aircraft. The rest will be performed by passenger planes: 32 flights – by iFly А330 airbus, 16 flights – by Royal Flight В777 boeing, 9 flights – by “Rossiya” В777. We are very grateful to our partners from these airlines for finding opportunities to fit cargo flights into their busy passenger flight schedules.

CEO of ATC Hong Kong Yuri Vasilyuk further explains ATC flight schedule from Hong Kong in November:

ATC Hong Kong has scheduled 12 charter flights from Hong Kong to Moscow in November. S7 Hong Kong-Domodedovo fully cargo flights are performed on Tuesdays and Thursdays (9 flights in total) by B737-800BCF aircraft. In addition, at the peak of the season we offer our customers 3 additional charter flights, which we have ordered from our long-standing partners AirBridgeCargo. The flights are scheduled for November 15, 22 and 29 and will be performed by the B747-800F cargo aircraft with a maximum available load of 125 tons per flight. We are still accepting orders for these flights.

Air freight to Norilsk

Alexey Maltsev shares plans for flight schedule from mainland China in November:

As for mainland China, we have been operating at least four weekly flights from Zhengzhou to Sheremetyevo for several months already. This allowed us to gain a foothold in the market as a stable and reliable air freight operator. Both Russian cargo owners and Russian and Chinese transport companies entrust us their cargoes. For instance, we have 17 flights scheduled from Zhengzhou in November. They are operated by Aviastar-Tu airlines.

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