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ATC is the Best Moscow Airports Partner


This is the first time ever the Sheremetyevo International Airport cargo operator, Moscow Cargo, presented awards to its best partners based on the 2020 results. The winners were chosen in eight nominations covering key airport focus areas. Actual performance data, including goods turnover, were used as the main qualification criteria.

ATC Group of companies was chosen as the “Best agent for import to Russia”. The cargo operator noted that АТС is rightly considered an industry leader in air freight from Hong Kong and China to Russia.

Earlier, ATC Air Service Limited was awarded by Sheremetyevo Kargo as the best agent in Hong Kong based on the outcomes from the previous year.

A dynamically developing Vnukovo Airport awarded ATC Group the “Best international cargo agent” prize based on the 2019-2020 results.

In addition, Domodedovo Airport awarded ATC Air Service Limited the “Threefold boost” prize for tripling traffic volumes during the pandemic year.

The Director of Operations of АТС China Pavel Avramenko:

We pull our fair weight to develop air freight between China and Russia, are pleased to cooperate with all Moscow airports and thank our partners for the honor. 2020 was a year of challenges, we had to change all the routes, but in the end we managed to show a steady traffic volume growth to Moscow airports.

The General Director of ATC Air Service Limited (Hong Kong) Yury Vasilyuk:

In 2019 and 2020 Moscow air hub cargo operators (except for the youngest Zhukovsky airport) started to sum up the results of the year and to choose the best partners.

Due to the pandemic and the restrictions in force, cargo operators were unable to hold events in Moscow and invite representatives of the awarded partner companies for the official awards ceremony, but all the prizes were delivered to Hong Kong and found their place in the Acknowledgement gallery at ATC Air Service Ltd. office.

 I congratulate all the colleagues who have been working hard over the years helping ATC to reach the top position and to hold it for many years with our partners’ appreciation. I am sure that we will repeatedly confirm this status in the future.



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