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ATC Launches Direct Flights from Hanoi to Sheremetyevo


ATC launches a new direct flight from Hanoi to Sheremetyevo in addition to Ho Chi Minh-Sheremetyevo flights performed twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Royal Flight aircrafts will departure from Sheremetyevo to Hong Kong to pick up cargoes and mail there, and then will follow to Vietnamese Hanoi and back to Sheremetyevo.

The service was launched in response to an increased demand for regular capacities from Vietnam to Moscow. While flights from Ho Chi Minh are mostly loaded with fresh fruit and mail, flights from Hanoi will be generally loaded with electronics and mail. The flight will be operated in a loop by a passenger B767 refitted for cargo transportation with a possibility to load the passenger compartment. The first flight will be performed as early as on Friday, January 29.

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