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ATC Launches the Second X-ray Machine in a Hong Kong Warehouse


In accordance with ICAO requirements and aviation authorities’ plan a phased transition to a new level of air freight safety control has been completed in Hong Kong. As from March 1, 100% of goods are subject to thhe obligatory scanning on a special equipment before shipment from Hong Kong.

Commentary by the General Director of ATC Air Service Ltd Yury Vasilyuk:

We installed the first X-ray machine in our Hong Kong warehouse in 2019 and were the fifth of nearly 2,000 logistics companies in Hong Kong allowed by aviation authorities to scan cargoes directly in our warehouse. After the scanning subject to all the necessary security regulations we deliver cargoes to the airport and they can be enplaned with no additional inspections at the airport. This allows to significantly reduce the time needed for cargo acceptance at airport terminals and to avoid any surprises in case of cargo scanning at the airport.

We pre-ordered, installed and recently commissioned the second X-ray machine due to the fact that starting with this March 100% of cargoes are subject to the obligatory scanning. Both machines are identical, HI-SCAN 145180-2is, and manufactured in Germany by Smiths detection. Each of them can be used for scanning small to large cargo items 145 cm in width and 180 cm in height.

The availability of two machines ensures an uninterrupted cargo scanning (even if one of them is temporarily out of service), and simultaneous use of both devices significantly increases the speed of cargoes acceptance and handling during peak-load periods.

We pack unit load devices in our warehouse in order to optimize the use of transport capacities. Sometimes we accept for shipment large cargoes that do not fit into our X-ray machines.

It is essential to us that we could also pack large cargo units in our own warehouse. We have received this possibility recently, as Hong Kong aviation authorities allowed us to use a special ETD machine in our warehouse. It is used by AVSECO licensed company experts to inspect large cargo items, and following this inspection they are accepted for air freight. Thus, we can quickly handle and pack cargoes of any size in our own warehouse fully complying with all necessary air freight safety requirements.

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