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АТС at the Munich Transport Logistics Fair


The largest international Transport Logistics fair took place in Munich, Germany, on June 4-7. It welcomed more than 2,300 participants and 64,000 visitors confirming the status of the world’s most important transport and logistics forum. The fair guests and participants spotlighted the world freight market volatility, negative impact of trade wars on the industry, lack of drivers in the motor transportation market, Chinese infrastructure megaproject One Belt One Road.

The General Director of ATC Air Service Ltd Yuri Vasilyuk shares his impressions of the fair:

During the event, me and my colleague Willy Wu held more than 50 meetings and negotiations with the heads and representatives of airlines, airports, handling agents, transportation and logistics companies, existing and potential partners. These meetings are clearly important for building and strengthening trusted partnership. I would like to point out that the practical result of the Munich fair meetings was that some new customers have already started using our cargo shipping service from Hong Kong.

АТС на выставке Transport Logistics в Мюнхене

АТС на выставке Transport Logistics в Мюнхене 2фото

АТС на выставке Transport Logistics

АТС на выставке в Мюнхене

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