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АТС Branch Opening in Vietnam


ATC expands its presence in South-East Asia and opens a branch in Kamran, Vietnam, subsequent to branches in Bangkok, Incheon and Tokyo operating from 2016, 2018 and 2019 respectively. The location was chosen deliberately, as Kamran is one of the major tourist destinations in Vietnam welcoming tourists from all over the world. This allows to use passenger aircrafts capacities for cargoes transportation to destinations in Russia and Europe. Commentary by the Head of the representative office Konstantin Prikhodko:

Well, initially we placed the stake on an advanced passenger service between Vietnam and Russia, both regular and charter. Numerous transportation capacities ensure not only rapid delivery of Vietnamese cargoes to Russia, but also the possibility to use previously unused transit potential of Kamran airport. The coronavirus pandemic made certain adjustments to our plans, but the office was opened anyway. The company was registered as Air Mail and Cargo Co., Ltd. (Vietnam).

What can you offer to your customers at the moment?

We offer new solutions for shipping cargoes and mail from Vietnam to Russian cities in the face of restricted regular air traffic during the pandemic. For this purpose, new transit routes were developed for daily ATC cargo charter flights from Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi to Hong Kong and further to Moscow. We offer combined transport by sea to Hong Kong from the port of Cat Lai (Ho Chi Minh) and further by air to Russian destinations for large cargo volume shipments. This solution allows us to deliver cargoes from Vietnam to Moscow in just 5-6 days. This might be of interest primarily to perishable goods forwarders, in particular of Vietnamese fresh fruit that are popular in Russia.

Please tell us about your plans for the future.

We are developing a new delivery service for packages from Vietnamese web stores. We also wait for the recovery of regular direct flight connection with Russia in order to develop direct air routes.

For any questions relating to freight traffic from Vietnam, please contact:

Konstantin Prikhodko, Managing Director

Tel. +84 911 733 000, email: k.prikhodko@cxr.amlavia.com

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