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Thai and Vietnamese Fruit Flown Directly to Moscow


ATC offers a unique solution for transporting fresh fruit from Thailand and Vietnam to Moscow. Following the route fine-tuning and trial lots shipment, we asked for comments from ATC CEO in China Alexey Maltsev.

How is it connected to China?

Hong Kong, but not China. Flights between Thailand and Russia are restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic constraints. Today, only Aeroflot operates direct flights to Moscow. Their summer timetable provided for 1 flight in 2 weeks, and now, in winter, they perform one flight in 7-10 days. We have developed a new fruit delivery route on Hong Kong-Bangkok-Sheremetyevo flights and are entering the market with this solution in cooperation with ATC Thai office.


What are the new route advantages?

Having available daily cargo flights from Hong Kong to Moscow used by us for cargoes and mail transportation, we decided to forward two flights through Bangkok, where we collect fruit and deliver it to Moscow without any delays. A reliable timetable is the main advantage of our service. We perform flights twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Which airline operates the flights?

The flights are operated by Royal Flight, a Russian airline and our close partner on our routes from China and Hong Kong. A passenger B777-300 aircraft allows to load both the lower deck using standard aircraft ULD, and the passenger cabin, which can be conveniently used to transport bagged mail and cardboard boxes with cargoes. We offer only the lower deck for fruit transportation due to cargo security concerns.

Please tell us about your plans for the future.

We plan to launch a similar service from Vietnam from the second week of December. Monday and Friday flights will departure from Hong Kong to Kamran. There they will be loaded with fruit and other cargoes and departure to Sheremetyevo.

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