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Cargo turnover of Sheremetyevo airport has increased by 20%

Cargo turnover of Sheremetyevo airport has increased by 20 per cent and amounts 60 thousand tons during the first 8 months of 2018. 40 per cent out of total volume consists of cargo originated from China, among which—high-tech equipment, electronics and e-commerce goods. The other 60 per cent are divided in between cargo from European countries (industrial equipment, pharmaceuticals, fashion and e-commerce), and Americas (industrial equipment and e-commerce). Export from Russia is mainly consists of aerospace commodities.   According to Air Cargo Week the main impact into double-digit growth of cargo turnover was done by AirBridgeCargo (ABC) airline, that used Sheremetyevo as the main transportation hub for import/export Russian goods, as well as for transit.   “By mutual work we bring out logistics in Russia onto a new level, with the help of modern technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and breakthrough IT-solutions we empower the client service” – says Director General of ABC Sergey Lazarev.  ”   However, there are some challenges of operations in Sheremetyevo airport, including airport operations being focused on passenger demand, Russia’s weather, particularly in winter can also cause delays. Customs regulations mean BUP cargo acceptance and hand-over are not possible, and though the first steps towards e-document implementation has taken place, it will be a long time until there is 100 per cent penetration in Sheremetyevo. Meanwhile, Moscow is in favourable geographic location with rail access to Russian cities, and logistics centers around the Moscow circle road. Director of Operations of ATC China Pavel Avramenko highlights: “In the structure of our shipments Sheremetyevo is one of the main destination airports. We have done more than 2300 shipments to Sheremetyevo during Jan-Sept 2018 from China mainland airports, same figures for cargo originated from Hong Kong. AirBridgeCargo and Aeroflot Russian Airlines are the main suppliers for us on this trade lane. As for AirBridgeCargo in China and HongKong, we are their leading agent on the Russian trade lane. It is of high importance to be a contract partner with the cargo carrier, and it allows us to provide our clients with the stable service throughout the year including the peak autumn season. Airfreight means quick delivery, and during high season, our clients even needed to queue up for the departure according to our last years’ experience. With the help of cargo capacities of AirBridgeCargo now we can provide timely departure for urgent cargo.”
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