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Air Freight to Norilsk


Norilsk is one of the largest cities in the world, located beyond the Arctic Circle. Today, its population exceeds 175,000 people. There is no stable overland transport to the city, so transportation is performed by sea and air. When the navigation is closed during the flood season, air freight to Norilsk remains the only link between the city and the main land. Transportation is performed from Moscow, Saint Petersberg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and a number of other Russian cities.

Norilsk airport is in the fourth place in terms of cargo carriage volume. Due to harsh meteorological conditions in the region air services are unreliable. When planning air freight to Norilsk a longer delivery time should be considered.

Any carriage of goods in this direction is a complex logistical task, which can only be accomplished by freight forwarders with a vast experience in kind of transportation.

Air freight to Norilsk

Air freight to Norilsk can be performed by regular and charter flights.

Charter flight is arranged for express delivery of a large consignment (up to 120 tons). Charter flights are suitable for oversized, heavy, dangerous, valuable and other types of cargo that should be carried under special conditions.

Air shipment of single-piece cargoes to Norilsk by regular flights is the fastest mode of transportation. It is used for transportation of vital or especially valuable Air freight to Norilskcargoes.

The cheapest type of air shipment is the transportation of a batch as a part of a consolidated cargo. Containers are not used in air transportation.

Valuable goods transported by air may be insured at the customer’s request.

Special labelling facilitates handling works.

Air shipment cost includes freight fare, warehousing services such as packing and labelling, cost of delivery to the airport, fuel and airport charges. The amount of the traffic rate depends on the type and weight of the cargo, the flight range, the flight type, and additional services.

Air freight to Norilsk: types of cargoes and transportation conditions

Air freight to Norilsk is the most reasonable and fast mode of goods transportation. It is suitable for different types of goods:

  • food stuffs;
  • medicines;
  • plants;
  • animals;
  • household appliances;
  • cars;
  • hazardous cargoes;
  • large mechanisms;
  • equipment and much more.

You can check the location of the cargo by tracking number on the carrier’s website.

АТС Group offers services in turnkey cargo delivery from China. If you contact us, you can be sure that your cargo will be delivered «from door to door». We take care of cargo packing, labelling and executing all the necessary documents, perform handling operations and offer forwarding services.

We perform the following operations:

  • determine the type of cargo;
  • choose aircraft depending on cargo dimensions and features;
  • pack and label the batch;
  • execute customs documents;
  • make an international trade contract;
  • deliver goods to the final destination.

You can order air freight to Norilsk on our website. Our expert will contact you shortly and calculate the cost of services.

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