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Delivery of clothes from China


АТС Group offers services in wholesale and retail delivery of clothes from China to Russia. The delivery scheme is organized by the company’s representative offices in China and SEA.

Our advantages

Cooperation with leading airlines allows us to promptly arrange the carriage of any type of cargo in any season. The service package includes:

  • cargo transportation from the manufacturer’s warehouse to a seaport, airport or to a railway station;
  • forwarding support;
  • executing all necessary documents for a seamless customs clearance;
  • timely goods shipment directly at the destination.
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Ample opportunities

Delivery of clothes from China to Russia is a sought-after service. The PRC is known for the high quality of textile products and affordable prices. ATC Group experts will choose a supplier, perform all the necessary inspections, arrange negotiations and make a contract for the supply of textiles, fabrics, women footwear etc.

Delivery of Clothes from China is a turnkey service. By contacting the ATC Group you will be able to order the following set of actions:
Delivery of clothes from China

  • placing bookings;
  • negotiating loading places according to a packing list;
  • cargo delivery to a seaport, airport or to a railway station;
  • customs clearance in Russia;
  • arranging cargo warehousing;
  • delivery of goods to the final destination.

The company’s Legal Department prepares all necessary documentation for a prompt customs clearance without any delays.

Our offers

To arrange a bulk delivery of clothes from China, please order a call back on the ATC Group website. Our expert will call you back in a few minutes and will give you full information on the question of your interest.

We offer you the following services:

  • motor transportation – the most cost-effective and time-efficient delivery method;
  • air transportation – the fastest delivery method;
  • sea freight – the cheapest cargo movement option;
  • rail transportation, which is notable for a relatively affordable cost and short delivery time.

ATC Group logistic services will save you time and money in choosing reliable suppliers. Our experts will choose the best option at the best price.

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