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Delivery of spare parts from China


Nowadays, Chinese cars are very popular in numerous countries. Any vehicle requires a timely change of consumables for it to be up and running. АТС Group offers services in delivery of spare parts from China. The automotive industry has been successfully developing in the Greater China constantly offering quality components for cars from economy to premium classes.

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We perform goods customs clearance. By contacting us you will get a full range of services:

  • execution of certificates, statements, licenses and other approval documents;Delivery of spare parts from China
  • processing customs declarations;
  • arranging goods delivery from the supplier’s warehouse to the point of transportation;
  • cargo insurance;
  • forwarding support during transportation;
  • temporary storage of goods until the shipment to the customer;
  • arranging goods delivery to the final destination.

ATC Group always chooses the most cost-effective and convenient mode of cargo transportation. There are several ways of spare parts delivery from China to Russia:

  • air freight – the transportation takes minimum time, but it is not suitable for all types of cargoes;
  • rail transportation – relatively cheap and fast mode of delivery;
  • sea freight – the cheapest option for large cargoes. Delivery time depends on the vessel schedule and route.

Generally, spare parts are delivered from China using a multimodal scheme involving different modes of transport. For example, goods are moved from the warehouse to the port by truck, and after arrival to the port of destination they are loaded into the truck and transported to the final destination.

Ordering spare parts delivery from China to Russia

Express delivery of spare parts from China to Russia can be performed in a few days. To place an order, please contact us on the website. Our expert will offer you the best spare parts transportation method with respect to all your wishes. Our experts have a vast experience in processing customs documents, therefore the risk of delay at the border is minimized.

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