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Solutions to E-commerce Logistics


Recently China has become an unconditional world leader in the segment of online retail. The quantity of internet users in China has overcome the number of 700 million, and the volume of the market is consistently approaching the milestone of 1 trillion US dollars per year.

A substantial market segment is the crossborder e-commerce. Buyers from different countries more and more prefer online shopping in China due to convenience, variety of products, low prices and transparent seller-buyer relationship.

Solutions to E-commerce LogisticsThe most important part of e-commerce is logistics and transportation.

In chase of delivery speed and lowering expenses, market players do their best to automatize processes, robotize warehouses and distribution centers, and incorporate IT-solutions to provide non-stop exchange of big data. We are definitely keeping the pace and not lagging behind!

ATC group of companies is a logistic partner of Russian Post, and that of the main biggest ecommerce platforms in China—AliExpress, Pandao, and etc.

Solutions to E-commerce Logistics 2During years of work in b2c segment we have obtained vast expertise and provide services on parcel transportation from China, export documentation of parcels according to the register, arrangement of the first mile. Custom developed IT-solutions allow us to track the parcel on route, transmit status and API integrate with the partners. 2017 year

  • we have shipped 46 million of parcels from China to Russia
  • only in November and December we have organized 13 cargo charter flights with crossborder ecommerce goods.
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