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Delivery of goods from Guangzhou


Cargo transportation from Guangdong ports is popular and cost-effective.

Guangdong province is one of special economic zones established in China as part of an openness to the world programme. Economic policy of special economic zones involves, inter alia, a greater independence in international trade and production of export-oriented products.

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Transportation from Guangzhou is profitable for several reasons:

  • Guangdong province has a simplified customs clearance regime;
  • the region has a perfectly developed infrastructure.

The country’s foreign trade laws should be taken into account, as not all manufacturers have the right to sell their goods directly for export.Delivery of goods from Guangzhou

Modes of delivery from Guangzhou

Cargo delivery from Guangzhou to Russia is performed in a multimodal mode – by sea to ports of Vladivostok, Novorossiysk, Saint Petersburg, and then by truck to the final destination. Sea freight to the Baltic, German and Finnish ports and then by sea or land to Russia is also widespread. But air travel as always remains the fastest way of cargo transportation from Guangzhou. The main Guangzhou airport is located in the capital of the province. It is the third busiest Chinese air-logistic terminal.

What goods are profitable to import from China to Russia

Current stable trade and market relations between Russia and China promote successful business development. Large iron and steel enterprises, manufacturing plants, garment factories, oil processing and food manufacturing companies purchase spare parts, machinery and equipment in China. Chinese goods earned the trust of Russian consumers due to high quality and affordable price.

Cargo transportation from Guangzhou —  is a convenient mode of cargo delivery from China. ATC Group has been present in the freight market for more than 20 years. We have our own state-of-the-art warehouses at each departure point in the PRC. Cargo delivery from Guangzhou is performed under a simplified customs clearance procedure. We transport the following types of cargoes:

  • clothing and footwear;
  • essential commodities;
  • household appliances;
  • digital instrumentation and equipment;
  • hazardous cargoes;
  • animals;
  • organs for transplantation;
  • fresh flowers;
  • food stuffs.

Packing and shipping the cargo from China

Cargo delivery from Guangzhou (China) is performed under the supervision of ATC Group experts. We make contracts with certified suppliers only. During handling operations safety and transportation regulations are observed pursuant to cargo specifics.

Once all documentation has been prepared (certificates, certificates of quality, customs declarations, payment of taxes and duties) the goods are marked and sent for packing. There is a special cushion packaging for fragile items. Products with special microclimate requirements are transported in special containers with an appropriate temperature regime. Delivery from Guangzhou with АТС— is a fast and cost-effective way to safely transport cargo from China to Russia at a fair price.

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Transportation from Guangzhou: our advantages

Our company has its own storage facilities in Guangzhou located in the vicinity of the largest wholesale markets and aimed at working with cargo terminals of Baiyun airport. We have a vast experience of air transportation from this region of the country. When arranging cargo delivery from Guangzhou, we provide a full range of warehousing services – packing cargo in different types of packaging depending on the carrier requirements, its palletization, labelling and consolidation.

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