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Delivery of goods from Shanghai


ATC Group arranges cargo transportation from Shanghai at an affordable cost within a short delivery time. Our experts are always ready to assist you in choosing the way of moving goods and recommend the best option. Shanghai goods are in high demand in Russia, as the city has a developed chemical, iron and steel, machine-building, Delivery of goods from Shanghaiand computer industries. Business owners involved in sales and distribution are in constant need of logistic services.

Options of cargo delivery from Shanghai

Our transport company provides warranty for cargo transportation and offers the following modes of delivery from Shanghai to Moscow:

  • air freight allows to deliver cargoes within a short period of time. This mode of transportation is suitable for perishables.
  • Sea freight is considered to be the most affordable, but delivery time should be taken into account.
  • Rail transportation stands out for an optimal price-to-time ratio.

Cargo delivery from Shanghai from shippers to the airport, seaport or railway station can be performed both by dedicated trucks and economical express delivery services. A wide range of options allows to save money and time.

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Features of delivery from Shanghai

ATC Group has its own warehouses in Shanghai, therefore you can you can always count on a prompt delivery. Our experts execute customs documents, keep up to-date on legislative innovations and are ready to accept a shipment order to any part of the world.

If you contact us, you will get:

  • competent execution of documents;
  • insurance;
  • goods labelling;
  • safe handling operations;
  • express delivery;
  • ability to deliver any volumes of cargo from Shanghai;
  • forwarding services;
  • goods certification, as appropriate.

Cargo delivery from Shanghai involves a wide range of services, including cargo packing and labelling, and execution of a customs declaration. For a detailed information, please contact our expert by ordering a call back.

Prices for delivery from Shanghai (air)

route carrier product min -45 +45 +100 +300 +500 +1000
PVG-SVO RU SVO1 270 5.20 4.80 4.40 4.20 4.00
PVG-SVO RU SVO2 275 5.30 4.90 4.50 4.30 4.10
PVG-SVO RU pallets 275 4.80 4.80 4.60 4.40 4.00

Prices for delivery from Shanghai (sea+rail)

  FOB Shanghai

Владивосток Москва Новосибирск Екатеринбург Казань
< 5 CBM 170 USD/CBM 235 USD/CBM 225 USD/CBM 230 USD/CBM 235 USD/CBM
5-15 CBM 165 USD/CBM 225 USD/CBM 215 USD/CBM 220 USD/CBM 225 USD/CBM
> 15 CBM 160 USD/CBM 215 USD/CBM 205 USD/CBM 210 USD/CBM 215 USD/CBM

Shanghai – Moscow – 28 days , Shanghai – Yekaterinburg – 26 days

Prices for delivery from Shanghai (sea+air)

Cargo density <1:300 kg/cbm:

Route Flight +100 +300 +500 +1000
PVG-VVO-SVO Direct 3,60 3,35 3,15 2,90
PVG-VVO-LED via SVO 4,10 3,85 3,65 3,40
PVG-VVO-SVX via SVO 4,30 4,05 3,85 3,60
PVG-VVO-UFA via SVO 4,30 4,05 3,85 3,60
PVG-VVO-OVB via KHV 3,40 3,15 2,95 2,70
PVG-VVO-KJA via KHV 3,25 3,00 2,80 2,55

Cargo density >1:300 kg/cbm:

Route Flight +100 +300 +500 +1000
PVG-VVO-SVO Direct 3,35 3,10 2,90 2,65
PVG-VVO-LED via SVO 3,85 3,60 3,40 3,15
PVG-VVO-SVX via SVO 4,05 3,80 3,60 3,35
PVG-VVO-UFA via SVO 4,05 3,80 3,60 3,35
PVG-VVO-OVB via KHV 3,15 2,90 2,70 2,45
PVG-VVO-KJA via KHV 3,00 2,75 2,55 2,30

Estimated transit time Shanghai – Moscow – 20-25 days;
One cargo item weight in OVB/KJA – up to 80 kg;
Fares to other Russian airports will be provided upon request.

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