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Air Transportation of Lithium Batteries from Hong Kong


ATC gets many requests on air freight of devices with batteries from China and Hong Kong, and we know that numerous clients are facing difficulties when shipping such cargo.

Air Transportation of Lithium BatteriesBatteries, power banks, charger cases are classified as dangerous goods under International Air Transportation Association (IATA) regulations. These kinds of goods must be correctly identified and classified, packaged, marked and labeled.

ATC offers solution to air freight of batteries by regular cargo flights from Hong Kong.

Air Transportation of Lithium Batteries from Hong KongWe not only organize the shipping of such cargo, but also consult the shipper on the following questions:

  • Battery Marking;
  • Packaging (blister pack, cushioning, divider, etc.);
  • Overpacking;
  • Shipping and DGR labels;
  • Required Documentation, etc.

Our team members are certified and attend professional IATA Training Course every year.

Our goal is to comply with all existing IATA and ICAO requirements in shipping lithium batteries by air, and help our clients to overcome any challenges or obstacles they may face.

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