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Cargo delivery to Norilsk


Cargo delivery to Norilsk is the priority activity of ATC in Russia. Geographical position of Norilsk and it’s remoteness from Central Russia increases the value of fast and safe cargo delivery to this region.

We offer the following solutions to cargo delivery to Norilsk:

Cargo delivery to Norilsk

  • Air freight. ATC is the cargo agent of Nordstar airline and carries out regular air freight on direct flights from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and Krasnoyarsk.
  • Cargo delivery to Norilsk along Northern Sea Route. We offer multimodal route to ship big cargoes: road transportation to Archangelsk or Murmansk port, sea transportation in a container, on the deck or in the hold of the vessel to Dudinka port, and delivery at arrival to final Consignee.
  • Cargo delivery to Norilsk down Enisey river. In the period of summer navigation from June to October, we provide cargo acceptance at the warehouse in Krasnoyarsk, consolidation, packaging, and prompt delivery to final Consignee in Norilsk through Dudinka port.
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