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Tourist Services and Air Tickets Sales


In addition to organizing cargo transportation, ATC group of companies offer services on air tickets sales and tourist operations.

ATC Moscow specializes on services for tourists from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and SEA countries. We offer group and individual tours to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Crimea and Murmansk, we book hotels, organize transportation, do corporate events.

Tourist Services and Air Tickets SalesOne of the most popular tours for Asian tourists is the tour to Murmansk with the possibility to see the northern lights, enjoy northern fishing, dog rides, and accomodate in the beautiful Eco Home Retreat.

We serve the tourists flying to Hong Kong, Taiwan and SEA countries offering breathtaking excursions, exclusive routes, and best beaches.

biletvhongkongATC also offers services in the area of passenger air transportation: we sell tickets to flights of the following airlines: Aeroflot, Royal Flight, Hong Kong airlines, S7, Scandinavian Airlines, Utair. We offer favourable terms for passengers, tourist operators, BSP agents and ticket sales subagents to the flight Hong Kong –Moscow.

Transit Air Freight to Russian Destinations via Thailand
Air Freight from China, Hong Kong and SEA
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