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Road Freight within Europe


ATC European branch is based in Frankfurt-Hahn airport. Having many years of experience of road freight transportation, we are glad to offer to the airlines, cargo agents, forwarders, warehouses, consignors and consignees a broad range of services, that include

Road Freight within Europe

  • Modern and safe delivery of:
    1. Air cargo to both main airports in Europe and directly to consignees
    2. Perishables, pharmaceuticals, flowers and plants on trucks with temperature control
    3. Heavy and bulky cargo
    4. Dangerous cargo
  • Handling and storage of cargo in warehouses of our partners within Europe
  • Express-delivery
  • Cargo delivery on weekends and holidays
  • Tracking system of cargo transportation along the whole route

Road Freight within Europe 1ATC car fleet in Germany consists of 26 mega trailer trucks and a cargo bus. Moreover, we have 8 refrigerators to transport perishables. All mega trailer trucks, including the refrigerators, are equipped with roller systems that allows us to provide quick and easy loading of aviation pallets of any height, including Q7. Specialized trailers with moving roofs and side walls can be used for transportation of oversize cargo. All ATC cars are equipped with computers and GPS system that allows drivers and office staff to exchange information in real-time mode, to track the current position of the truck and cargo status, and also to plan cargo delivery considering traffic situation. Our clients can track cargo transportation online.

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