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AWB Tracking
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AWB cargo tracking

In case of air freight cargo location and status are tracked by the Air Waybill (AWB) number. This document records the fact of a freight contract execution, goods acceptance and transport conditions. The document number contains three digits of the prefix assigned to the airline by IATA and eight digits of a serial number.

There are master and house air waybills (MAWB and HAWB) depending on the issuer – airline or agent. AWB is issued as a set of 8–12 copies. The originals are handed over to the consignor, the consignee and the shipping company, and copies are presented at the customs office, in transit airports, to agents etc.

The air waybill contains information on goods consignor and consignee, the name, weight, number of places and other necessary information, a total of 33 items, as well as customs, flight security, agent and warehouse marks.

To determine cargo status using AWB, please enter the number in the corresponding field on the website. Systems used to track cargo by air waybill are operating in real time or with a minimum delay.

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